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Anti-Theft Solution and Stolen Vehicle Recovery


Vehicle theft is one of the world’s fastest growing crimes as thieves turn to using highly advanced equipment, e.g. jammers. By jamming GPS signals, the criminals aim to interfere and inhibit the performance of a tracking device – its ability to monitor and gather important information. Luckily, Teltonika trackers have a functionality that can detect jamming and help to prevent theft or to recover a stolen vehicle.


Thieves are very organized and can steal a vehicle in seconds as statistics shows it all over the world. Meanwhile, police fail to recover more than half of stolen vehicles. For criminals, it is a low-risk way of making a fortune. According to Interpol data, illicit trafficking of vehicles generates an estimated 19 billion USD of criminal earnings worldwide every year and the number is growing.

First of all, thieves will choose those vehicles that are easy targets, e.g. can be stolen fast and without attracting attention. Speed is of the utmost importance to thieves as they risk being caught and try to get away as soon as possible. Thus, if you wish to make your vehicle less attractive to thieves, you should think how to slow them down in the process of stealing, even a few seconds can make a difference.


Anything that forces thieves and joy-riders to spend more time will make a vehicle a much less appealing target. It is the most effective way of preventing a car theft and making the criminals to look for another object to steal.

Teltonika FMB920 tracker is a small device that can be easily hidden in a vehicle. It is the best way to keep track of your vehicle’s whereabouts and get it back if it is stolen. Naturally, thieves will often try to find a tracker, disable it and get away with the car. Therefore, you must make sure the tracker is hidden well, so it would not be a simple task for the thieves to find and unplug it.

After two devices, smartwatch and GPS tracker, are successfully paired, smartwatch starts sending body temperature readings within the given interval of time to FBM002 tracker. The time interval depends on the particular smartwatch model settings. Afterwards, the collected temperature readings data is being transferred to a data server through a cellular network and can be conveniently monitored by corporate fleet management.

As a result, body temperature of all fleet members working off-site is being checked remotely, timely and effortlessly. The company contributes to preventing the virus from spreading in the country or region and complies with a local government lockdown measures and regulation. Everybody wins.Thanks to Teltonika FMB920 jamming scenario, we can help to prevent theft. When GSM jamming is detected, relay can initiate one of the following actions – enable alarm system, block vehicle starter or lock all vehicle doors.

  • Alarm system – starting sound alarm. Even though vehicles have different alarm systems, professional thieves know how to disable them and keep silence during the whole theft process. With jamming detection functionality, Teltonika tracker can help avoid theft by distracting the criminals with an additional alarm connected to a tracker.

  • Vehicle engine starter – blocking possibility to start engine. When jamming is detected, a tracker can block vehicle engine starter and, thus, eliminate the possibility of starting engine at all. This will certainly result in additional time for thieves to steal a vehicle or even giving up the theft.

  • Central lock system – locking all vehicle doors. When all vehicle doors are locked, thieves will need more efforts to get into a vehicle or will not succeed with braking in at all

Also, tracker FMB920 has functionalities that are extremely useful when recovering a stolen vehicle – internal memory of 128MB allowing to store big amount of data and high gain antennas sensitive enough to catch a signal even in poor conditions.